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Amelie Appleby, Fun Fortune Teller in a Black Turban with her Crystal Ball



Being "a bit spooky" runs in Amelie's family and goes back through her paternal grandmother. Her earliest memory of experiencing psychic phenomena was at the age of five. At seven, when she had only just learned to read, Amelie was engrossed in her father's books on extra sensory perception and she played with his psychic board games, psychometry cards

and pendulums. Always an entertainer, as a child, Amelie dreamed of being a

professional magician. She and her younger brother spent all their pocket money

on magic tricks from the local shop, practising on family and friends.

As a teenager, Amelie was lucky enough to be able to attend a secondary school specialising in the performing arts. She then studied to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, a Masters Degree in International Development, a qualification for teaching in adult education and multiple qualifications in Complementary Therapies (including Reiki Master).


Having worked in a range of roles in the public, private and charitable sectors,

she has also traveled independently and extensively across the globe:

visiting gurus in India, dancing with witch doctors in Africa

and when in China, meditating in the mountains with Tibetan Monks.

Along the way, Amelie taught herself the art of reading tarot cards and then later, the science of palmistry and the intricacies of the crystal ball, tea leaves and the iChing. She has found that she does not really need any of these tools to do an insightful and accurate reading, but that they do help her to focus an issue and speed things up at what are often busy, noisy, fast-paced corporate events, wedding receptions and private parties.

Amelie Appleby has been entertaining in this way for nearly fifteen years. It is a perfect synthesis of her unique set of talents, academic training and professional experience.

By booking her as the Fun Fortune Teller, you are ensuring an absolutely exceptional

one-of-a-kind way to positively transform your event.

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