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​Plan how to best use your time now.

Design what opportunities you will create

for your life ongoing.

Available for individuals, couples and small groups

(families & flatshares looking for a fun diversion).

Sessions can be serious and strategic

to define goals and give you focus,

or fun and lighthearted

to break up the monotony of your day. 

Amelie Appleby is ordinarily unable to provide 1-1 private sessions due to her busy schedule entertaining

as the ‘Fun Fortune Teller’

but now that we are all at home,

she can offer her intuitive insights and entertainment

to you from the comfort of her sofa and yours. 

She wants to help those of you trying to make sense

of the impact of Covid-19,

so you can better manage your current circumstances, understand your path ahead,

and plan for a positive future.

Available remotely via ZOOM, WhatsApp, Facetime and Messenger

We have allocated a limited number of reduced fee remote sessions with Amelie Appleby. 

These sessions start from GBP £30, with concessions and group rates available.

To book your session, click here.

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